Boarding Services
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Stall Board

Twinwood Equestrian Center offers full-care stall boarding, with some of the best amenities in the Houston area. Stall boarders are housed in our 44-stall main barn or our 6-stall shed-row barn.  Both barns have automatic fly spray systems, climate-controlled tack rooms and boarder lounges with kitchenettes and restrooms.  The main barn offers built-in tack lockers and grooming stalls. Hot/cold water wash racks in the main barn are used by all boarders.

Stall board includes Purina grain twice daily with owner-provided supplements, and 20 lbs of high-quality coastal hay up to three times a day (including a night check hay for horses stalled overnight). Alfalfa or extra coastal are available for an additional charge. Stall board includes blanketing/fly sheeting and protective boots as needed for turn-out. Stall-boarded horses are turned out seven days a week, weather permitting, and are checked daily for cuts, injuries or missing shoes. We offer day or night turnout, depending on availability and owner preference. Turn-out for stall boarders is individual, but we can often accommodate turnout with a buddy for those who prefer it.

Twinwood reserves some stalls for horses in training with our dressage trainers, and the rest are available as "regular" full care stalls, with no obligation for training or lessons.  

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Pasture Board
Pasture boarders have small group turn-out (two to four horses) with large run-in sheds. Pasture boarding includes twice daily feeding of Purina grain and owner-provided supplements, up to 20 lbs high quality coastal hay twice daily (less when grass is lush), and a daily visual check for wellness. Twinwood offers secure, climate-controlled tack rooms and covered grooming areas for pasture boarders. Blanketing services are available to pasture boarders for an extra charge.
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Additional Services
Scheduling and holding for vet, farrier, and other service providers is the responsibility of our horse owners.  Catch services are available for a fee.

Laundry service is available to all boarders.

Boarders receive some basic medication services as part of their board package.  Administration of additional medications, wrapping, and the like can be arranged through the manager.

After-hours grooming services may be contracted individually with our grooms.  Our skilled staff can help you with body clipping, hand walking, lunging, and more. 
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Rates and Fees
Boarding Rates 

- Stall board, main barn: $825.00
- Premium board: $900.00 (inquire for details)
- Stall board, small barn: $800.00
- Pasture board: $460.00

Miscellaneous Fees

- Blanketing for pasture horses: $30.00
- Extra fan for stabled horses: $30.00
- Laundry service: $30.00
- Arena/Facility usage for haul-in: $25.00 (two       horses, $20.00 ea.)
- Apartment rental: $50.00/night
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